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greehill technology

Cutting-edge research and development ensure our client cities have the most rich and reliable information for decision-making.

Urban tree data – at scale

Harness the power of remote sensing and artificial intelligence to learn more about your urban forest.


Complete coverage

Because each urban environment is unique, greehill uses a variety of techniques to digitize every tree in a city.


From streets to parks

greehill gathers data and images using a combination of high-resolution cameras, mobile laser scanning (MLS), terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), and airborne laser scanning (ALS). From street trees to park trees, our hybrid approach allows us to excel in any urban environment.


We survey your entire urban forest, and supply your city with more information in less time and at lower costs than existing methods.


AI-powered recognition

Identifying trees and determining their exact structure and placement in a dynamic urban environment is a complex computing task. We've spent years perfecting our system so our clients can be sure they're receiving accurate data.


Data you can trust

All data and images are uploaded to secure servers where our urban tree processing engine automatically recognizes, segments, and measures up to 50,000 trees per day.


Easily integrate your greehill Urban Tree Inventory with your existing systems.

Ensuring data quality

greehill is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and accurate data for every urban tree in our databases. The quality of our tree-recognition data is assured by a robust system of AI and human validations. Thanks to machine learning, our accuracy is continuously improving.

Digital twin

greehill's Urban Forest Database transforms what it means to have a tree inventory. Our platform contains precise maps, models, and metrics to streamline maintenance tasks.


Much more than a typical tree inventory

Each tree in greehill's database includes a centimeter-accurate digital 3D model and high-resolution images to reveal both its structure and surroundings.


Take custom measurements, filter trees by key characteristics, and run safety and health checks to give your planning and maintenance teams the insights they need to make decisions.


Optimal impact

After gathering precise data about each tree in an urban forest, we quantify their local impact to provide insights on current and future investments in greenery.


Intelligent insights

By combining greehill's Urban Forest Database with data on public health and environmental conditions, we help cities identify areas and exact locations that would benefit most from new trees.


Calculate the social, environmental, and economic benefits provided by your existing trees, and execute effective tree planting initiatives to meet your city's agenda.

Harness the power of greehill to make your city healthier, safer, and more resilient

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