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High complexity made simple

greehill’s end-to-end solution: from capturing trees on streets and in parks to delivering valuable information and insights.

greehill Inventory

More detailed and more objective information about each tree in the city available in weeks at lower cost.
Step 1:

We capture your urban forest

Sensitive car-mounted LIDAR and high-resolution cameras record every streetside tree.
  • Special Vehicle and Drones collect data for trees in parks and areas vehicles cannot access.

  • Trees are monitored annually or biennially, depending on clients’ needs and budget.

  • Satellites may be used for monthly tree health monitoring.

  • Our specially designed urban tree machine-learning engine analyzes the data.

Step 2:

We create 4D Digital Tree Twins 

Deep-learning technologies create sophisticated digital representation of each tree.
  • The twin meticulously replicates each tree, with precision recognition individual leaves.

  • Additionally, high-resolution photos are provided for each tree from different ranges, angles, and altitudes.

  • Meaningful metrics such as position, size, first bifurcation, and lean angle are extracted.

  • Scientifically proven algorithms determine failure risk, safety factor, leaf area, disease, etc.

  • Longitudinal data allows for trends analysis and cohort comparisons.

Step 3:

Human + machine: the best of both worlds

Our local greenery partner develops an action plan based on client parameters: safety/health risk, vitality, clearing, age, size, etc.
  • We identify subsets of trees for further review based on these objectives.

  • Arborists from our local greenery partner assess each tree of this subset remotely via computer.

  • If needed, pruning, removal or other interventions can be assign or on-site inspections ordered.

  • If on-site inspection is warranted, arborists visit the site for field analysis.

Step 4:

Your urban forest at your fingertips

Information analytics, and more provided on greehill Inventory, our cloud-based platform.
  • Easy-to use interface, including 4D Digital Tree Twins, analytics, canopy coverage, and other reports.

  • High-res panoramic photos of each tree and the overall urban forest.

  • Built-in interfaces to leading work-management software, such as Treekeeper.

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