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Your urban forest
at your fingertips

Keep your city’s trees healthy, safe, and resilient and their management costs low with greehill Inventory, the world's first Smart Tree Inventory.

Transforming urban forest managment


Access continuously updated, detailed, and objective tree assessments


Reduce lifetime cost of trees

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, 4D digital twinning, and local arborist expertise.
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Streamline maintenance and operations


Automate data analysis, evidence-based reporting, and
real-time intervention management

Get your eyes on each tree

Take your trees' pulse to make timely, scalable decisions
  • Conduct regular health and safety checks of your entire urban forest inventory in weeks, not years.

  • Base decisions on current, objective data.

  • Cull weak trees before they cause harm.

  • Analyze tree conditions with data, metrics, and high-resolution imagery.

Deeper insights than ever before

Listen to what your trees have to tell to you - based on objective assessments
  • Perform current state & trend analysis.

  • Assess trees’ contribution to urban health.

  • Monitor how each tree changes over time & compare it to its cohorts.

  • Conduct automated safety analytics, corridor clearings, and much more for each tree.

Streamlined field operations

Do the right work, at the right tree, at the right time
  • Dedicate resources where they’re most needed.

  • Cut costs with automated monitoring.

  • Respond quickly to pests and diseases.

  • Identify areas for tree planting.


Get field execution right

Get the most of greehill Smart Tree Inventory to efficiently manage your urban assets


Projects world-wide




Faster than manual survey


Committed to better tree monitoring and preservation

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