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Smart Tree Inventory:
Your urban forest at your fingertips

Make the right decision, on the right tree, at the right time – and create a greener, safer and more resilient city.

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We deliver actionable, objective urban forest insights to you and your teams

Empower your urban forest Management and your Arborists: Receive precise, timely Tree Insights of each of your trees with an advanced 4D Digital Twin and the power of AI

Timely informaton

You make faster, smarter decisions 

Timely, objective, and precise information about each tree 

Eliminate the delays of years in updating your urban tree inventory. Make decisions based on precise and current data, always having the latest information on your street and park trees.


You protect your community members better than ever before

Minimize the risk of tree incidents

We provide you with a list of trees with diebacks, significant lean angles, or low safety factors based on species-specific bio-mechanical analysis enabling timely action.

Keep heathy

You maximize canopy cover and minimize tree life-time costs

Keep your trees healthy

We pinpoint trees suffering from low vitality, inadequate leaf-area-index, cavities, or decay, allowing you to intervene early and avert advanced issues.


You streamline your maintenance activities 

Be aware of clearance hazards

We automatically detect and flag any tree with clearance issues for corridors, power lines, traffic signs, or viaducts, streamlining maintenance and ensuring safety.


You help your community
members to stay healthy

Maximize urban tree benefits

Green your city smartly by tracking and improving canopy cover and ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, air purification, and temperature reduction for healthier communities.


You drive stronger performance 

Cut costs, boost efficiency

Transition from reactive maintenance to proactive tree management to enhance team productivity and achieve up to 30% savings through optimal resource utilization.

How it works

Explore greehill’s end-to-end solution: from capturing trees on streets and in parks to delivering valuable information and insights.

how it works

Your urban 
is captured

Using our state-of-the-art ground-based LiDAR and ultra-high resolution imagery, we create an accurate digital replica of your city and parks.


You are in good company.


Projects world-wide




Faster than manual survey


Our partners worldwide
for greener and safer cities

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