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We are greeHill.


The Company

greeHill is the first company in the world to provide an integrated digital solution to cities and greenery agencies for their urban tree management. Using the latest sensors, computer vision, and machine learning technologies, we create tree inventories which contain a cm-accurate digital copy of each tree in a city – 500x times faster and with lower costs than today.

We build on our team’s expertise in greenery and greenery-management, artificial intelligence, and high-volume GIS data processing, to support our clients in transforming urban forestry management.  

The greeHill Story

Gabor Goertz and Gyula Fekete are the founding partners and CEO and CTO of greeHill. The company grew out of a research project launched by NParks (Singapore’s National Parks Board). In a consortium with several universities and research centers from Singapore, greeHill successfully developed an innovative solution to automatically recognize and collect detailed information about urban trees based on mobile laser scanning (MLS) data. 

Our work has been recognized with numerous professional awards and backed by an investment fund from Singapore since 2020. We have offices in Europe and Asia and will soon expand to the Americas.

City Garden

Integrated Tree Management

greeHill iTM is much more than a tree inventory, it is a platform that allows cities to not only manage but truly understand their urban trees.


With our software tools for virtual surveying, data-driven decision-making, predictive maintenance and microclimate optimization, our clients proactively manage the health of their trees, reduce tree related hazards, and optimize the microclimate in their cities through well-planned tree planting campaigns. We unite all management needs in one place so time and resources can be invested in creating greener cities around the world.

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Cut your costs, not your trees

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