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greehill MAPLE

Our urban forest management platform contains the most accurate, rich and up-to-date data you need to optimize your daily operations and grow your urban forest.

greehill MAPLE

Resource limitations and infrequent tree surveys result in tree losses, accidents and property damage that can only be addressed after the fact. greehill provides the data and tools to proactively manage urban forests for safer and healthier trees.


Inadequate tree inventories limit time for tree care

Manual tree surveys are costly, time-consuming, and often inaccurate. Arborists have limited time and data for necessary maintenance.



Comprehensive digital
tree database

We provide 3D models, 360° images, and automated analyses of every public tree. You receive an intuitive platform and rich database to effectively manage your urban forest.



Informed decisions for a safer and healthier city

Preliminary tree inspections from the office save time and resources. Arborists have the information they need to reduce the amount of accidents and damages.


How it works

greehill MAPLE enables tree care specialists to map, monitor and analyze individual trees and entire urban forests through precise data, images, and integrated management tools.


Virtual tree inspection

greehill's impact comes from our digital tree database, complete with digital copies, street-level images, and key parameters for each urban tree. Centimeter-accurate data allows arborists to precisely plan tasks and allocate resources for the job before going into the field.

Maintenance made easy

View each tree and its surrounding environment directly from your desk to plan maintenance tasks. Efficiently plan fieldwork by creating custom filters to identify all of the trees that match your specifications.

Automated safety and health checks

greehill MAPLE automatically calculates the safety factor of each tree based on the parameters you set, then builds efficient task lists that prioritize the most hazardous trees. Free up your team's time to care for more trees and prevent more damages.

Always alert

Receive alerts about trees that may be hazardous or unhealthy. Plan the necessary maintenance work through integrated structural, vitality, and road and height clearance analyses.


Tools for the field

From the office to the field, greehill's platform operates on- and off-line so arborists always have the data they need. Cloud servers keep all data centralized and accessible to unlimited users.

Real-time updates

Take photos, notes, and measurements directly in the app to avoid re-entering data later. Quickly pull up the work history and data for each tree to track health status and maintenance activities on the go.

Why greehill MAPLE?

Have instant access to current information about all of your urban trees and significantly increase the efficiency of your operations. Take focused action to create a safer and healthier city.


Have your urban trees at your fingertips

Limit the number of surprises in the field by viewing and analyzing the structure and surroundings of any tree.


Stay ahead of the storm

Catch blocked signs, entangled powerlines, and likely storm damage before accidents happen.


Maximize healthy canopy cover

Cut your costs, not your trees by modelling the exact branches to prune to meet your objectives.

Harness the power of greehill to make your city healthier, safer, and more resilient

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